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The Peninsula Hospital was established on 18th September, 1998 at the current address with the goal to bring healthcare close to the people in its environs. It was registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Health Private Hospital Authority on 3rd of March, 2000 with file No. 2514 and registration No. of LSPHRA/1/2000/545, as THE PENINSULA HOSPITAL.
The hospital provides various medical services including basic primary care comprising all emergency cares, child and maternity health services, immunizations, general out-patient care, etc.
We also provide services at the secondary level such as general/obstetric and Gynecological Surgeries, Diagnostics Services e.g. Laboratory services, medical imaging services such as Tissue/Organ scanning and x-ray. Optical services are also provided. Many of our secondary services are employed by several private, missionary and local government hospitals in our vicinity to whom we are consultant.

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